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Imagine your equipment has been parked for a period of time. You must use your equipment to get the job done, only problem is, the engine won't crank. Now imagine a CANTEC CAN-CRANK™ installed. Now you have no down time and no jump start costs.

CANTEC CAN-CRANK™ has more power to crank your engine than four group 31 batteries! They can repeatedly crank your engine to higher RPM's more quickly than batteries, and CANTEC CAN-CRANK™ can be fully recharged in less than 10 seconds!

CANTEC CAN-CRANK™ Capacitors are available in 12 and 24 volt and different sizes , dependent on applications, and are high power devices which are safe and fully compliant to meet the demand of today's engine cranking, accessory laden, parasitic load, cold temperature and depleted batteries.

CANTEC CAN-CRANK™ has been specifically designed and engineered for the heavy-duty market, with models ranging in sizes to crank 200 HP to 600 HP, 5 to 18 litre size diesel engines. CANTEC CAN-CRANK™ can also be used with any internal combustion engine, regardless of size.

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12PP-20 200 HP
12PP-30 300 HP
12PP-50 500 HP
24PP-30 300 HP
24PP-40 400 HP
24PP-50 600 HP

Features and Benefits:

  • CAN-CRANK™ capacitors significantly increase reliability of engine starts from -45°C to +50°C
  • CAN-CRANK™ capacitors may be deeply discharged and have a life in excess of 500,000 cycles
  • Using CAN-CRANK™ capacitors separates the function of engine start from deep cycling batteries
  • Use of CAN-CRANK™ capacitors can reduce the volume of the vehicle battery box by up to 30% and reduce the weight of batteries by up to 40%.
  • CAN-CRANK™ capacitors can significantly increase the life of the battery, starter and alternator
  • Even depleted batteries which are unable to provide enough current to crank the engine can directly charge the CAN-CRANK™ capacitor
  • CAN-CRANK™ capacitors exceed all environmental demand and emit no harmful substances and contain no components such as Lead, Cadmium or Acetonitrile which may be harmful or difficult to dispose of.
  • CAN-CRANK™ capacitors are maintenance free


  • Diesel Engine Start
  • Low Battery Engine Start Assist
  • Engine Idle Reduction - Green Energy Initiatives
  • Off-Highway, Marine, Industrial and Electrical Generation Equipment
  • On-Highway, Transport and Transit Applications
  • Other

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